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POLITICO tests the claim that EU membership costs citizens less than a cup of coffee a day

January 7, 2018

Brussels started 2018 with a bold, simple claim: Membership of the European Union is great value because it costs citizens less than a cup of coffee a day. As Jean-Claude Juncker moves aggressively to expand the post-Brexit EU budget, POLITICO put the claim to the test.

While there are huge, surprising differences in how much Europeans in different countries pay to the EU, the union costs citizens less than half a cup of coffee daily — and as little as a tenth of a cup — in most of the 28 member countries.

In this new “EU Coffee Index,” POLITICO ranks each member country, using the EU’s own statistics, according to how much citizens pay the EU (so disregarding money each country receives back such as regional or research funding), and how much coffee (with milk) that costs them. It factors in the U.K.’s budget rebate and the other national budget adjustments connected with it.

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