About us

Luxembourg contact office
for research & innovation

LUXCOR is the Brussels-based contact office for research and innovation in Luxembourg.

Our Brussels office is a partnership between the six main research and innovation stakeholder organisations in Luxembourg:

LUXCOR is the Brussels arm of Luxinnovation’s EU funding team offering services to Luxembourg’s research & innovation stakeholders.

LUXCOR represents the interests of both public and private research and innovation stakeholders. The public side is directly represented by the five public research & innovation organisations (University of Luxembourg, LIST, LIH, LISER, FNR) whereas Luxinnovation defends the best interests of the private sector via the eight clusters that it manages:

LUXCOR is a member of the Informal Group of RTD Liaison Offices (IGLO) and of the European Regions Research and Innovation Network (ERRIN).

Mission and vision

LUXCOR’s mission is to contribute to the Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) of Luxembourg and to increase the country’s European visibility.
LUXCOR’s vision is to become the point of reference for strategic funding opportunities in the Brussels RDI ecosystem.

LUXCOR has the following strategic objectives :

  • Provide forward intelligence on EU funding to the Luxembourg RDI stakeholders,
  • Promote the Luxembourg RDI ecosystem in Brussels,
  • Provide strategic RDI opportunities to the Luxembourg stakeholders,
  • Liaise between Luxembourg and Brussels.

LUXCOR offers a diverse range of services to the Luxembourg RDI stakeholders, including:

  • Providing forward intelligence to the board members on the EU Framework Programme (current and future),
  • Representing the Luxembourg research & innovation stakeholders and their views in Brussels,
  • Organising thematic events in Brussels, raising Luxembourg’s research & innovation visibility,
  • Developing strategic opportunities with partners in Brussels and internationally,
  • Acting as the Brussels contact point for Luxembourg’s research & innovation stakeholders,
  • Supporting Luxinnovation’s EU funding team on-demand for partner searches, key introductions with Brussels representatives, etc.,
  • Providing office space in Brussels (from 6 to 45 people capacity).